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Tutela was founded in 1999 to offer specialist support to organisations in the public, private and independent sectors wanting to develop communication focused, trauma informed, positive approaches to respond to behaviours which challenge their services.  

We began work in Jersey in 2007, initially working closely with both adult and children’s services, including education, providing training and consultancy to introduce this concept aimed at reducing the use of restrictive practice across all services.

In 2009, following significant success, Tutela was invited to develop an on-island service providing bespoke support packages for individual adults with complex needs to be delivered in their own homes.  This was to realise the Government’s vision of a personalisation of care agenda and to upskill local staff to support individuals who challenged the service to remain in Jersey rather than them being relocated to specialised provision in the UK.

Tutela’s growth has been incremental and more so with our entry into the homecare market in 2015.

Our philosophy

‘The Human Givens – person centred care made simple’

Our philosophy and beliefs are rooted in humanistic principals and guided by the organising principles of the Human Givens, taking a holistic and scientific approach to our work.  This approach draws its understanding from neurobiology and psychology as well as innate and ancient wisdom increasingly supported and evidenced by modern science.   

For more information on the human givens - Click Here.

We follow a strength-based approach – rather than focusing on what is wrong with the person, we focus on what is wrong in the person’s experience. 

Our philosophy supports people to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to make informed decisions about their own health and care needs. 

One of the key principles of our philosophy is supporting people to recognise and develop their own strengths & abilities to enable them to live independent and fulfilling lives.

Our philosophy

Our Values

We always encourage our client’s independence, and our care staff take an enabling approach & would never just ‘take over.’ 

Our ethos is one of self-management, putting our clients centrally to what we do – our staff teams are empowered to work together to share responsibilities in order to deliver continued excellence in care.

Each team member is accountable for making a positive contribution.

Our Values

Looking ahead

In preparation for the introduction of the Jersey Care Model and to remain true to our values and high trust in our staff, Tutela will adapt & redesign. Our intention is to deliver a more salutogenic service (an approach to wellness, rather than disease or illness). 

To do this effectively we aim to move to a self-organising model of service delivery, provided by Wellbeing Teams.  

This model will entail its staff teams to working more closely with individuals and families to be able to respond both promptly & flexibly - and co-produce ‘end to end’ service delivery within an outcome-based framework.  

We will continue to provide excellence in care – but be more agile and flexible in how we do this. 

Our aim is to be speedier and more efficient – aspiring for continuous improvement in meeting our client’s satisfaction & expectations. 

Looking ahead
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Our staff

Our care & support staff are well trained to focus on promoting a person’s wellbeing and optimising their independence

We invest in our staff teams, building confidence, supporting growth. 

Our staff undertake a rigorous selection & induction programme, and further develop their personal skills by participating in training events organised within and by Tutela. We provide access to formal training, regularised supervision and field-based assessments of competency and compliance.  

By adopting a tailored, well integrated, evidence-based approach we can provide our clients with a bespoke service that can meet their unique needs and expectations.

Our staff are trained to meet the mandatory requirements set by the Jersey Care Commission – and have additional specialist and condition led training to meet the requirements of the person being cared for. 

We take great care in placing the right carers with our clients so that you or your loved ones receive the exact support, care and understanding you need


We recognise that effective collaborative working between key agencies, health services, general practitioners and most importantly clients & their families are essential to delivering good quality care. 

We are committed to appropriate partnership working in order to provide the best possible care; we respect a culture of transparent and supportive cooperation, whilst respecting the privacy and choices of our clients.  


We at Tutela are committed to safeguarding adults at risk, and to working in effective partnership with our clients, their families and between other relevant agencies.

We proactively promote prevention, early intervention and the reporting of abuse and neglect in line with our regulatory responsibilities and duty of care. 

Our staff carry out mandatory safeguarding training in conjunction with Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board expectations. 

As a responsible employer we are committed to safe recruitment vetting practices and ensure all staff are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) cleared before commencing employment. We insist on taking up to date references on all candidates and ensure our staff adhere to our full induction & training programmes. 

We follow the ethos of Making Safeguarding Personal (MSP) and in ensuring our clients are fully supported in making decisions about themselves in accordance with Jersey Safeguarding Partnership Board’s Policy and Procedures. 

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