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With our home care services, we aim to provide a versatile & discrete service in order to cause minimum disruption to your home life. Rather than change what you or your loved one are used to, we tailor our services to sensitively fit around your needs, your routines and your aspirations.


From our many years of experience and customer feedback, we firmly believe that if you want to stay at home to receive care, you can. Our range of care at home services provide a viable alternative to moving into a residential care home.

We are open to continuous learning – and working in partnership our clients and with allied professionals to ensure we provide the best possible care. 

We offer the following services:
  • Personal care needs

  • Nutritional and diet support

  • Medication support

  • Physical (including sensory)

  • Practical and socialisation skills

We are experienced in meeting a range of complex needs:
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Mental health & wellbeing

Mental health & wellbeing

Mental health issues can have an impact on a person’s ability to self-care, and on their quality of life. 

Mental ill health can affect people of all ages, but we recognise that all people are different – with their own needs and circumstances. 

Our care at home services are designed to assist recovery and prevent (or delay) relapse. We can support individuals as part of their after-care arrangements or provide services at home to prevent hospitalisation. 

Our person-centred care at home may be a single component of someone’s overall care -or may complement other inputs from a range of health professionals. 

We can help promote good diet, exercise, better physical health, and access to hobbies and interests in the community. 

We can help signpost you to a whole range of services and assist you to get involved with local resources. This could be social events, hobbies and areas of interest, work opportunities or study. 

Additional links - Peer Support

We work closely with MIND Jersey – whose mission is to provide advice & support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem in Jersey. MIND campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. In partnership with MIND we can offer peer support to our clients – which is purposeful, based upon the principles of listening, sharing experiences, confidentiality and equality. Peer support does not replace clinical/medical supports for mental health - but is a complementary offer – utilising the knowledge & strengths of people with lived experiences. 

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At Tutela we have a proven track record in working with clients with autism. 

We support our clients who live with autism to have the opportunity to grow, to realise their individual potential and to explore the right strategies to enjoy life to the optimum. 

We empower all our clients and care receivers to take an active role in their support and to make their own decisions. 

With extensive experience of working with clients with autism and Asperger’s syndrome our aim is to be inclusive of all neurodiversity matters. 

Our trained staff work with individuals in their own homes or chosen locations. 

We help devise strategies and coping techniques and establish the best ways for people to express and communicate their needs. 

We accept referrals both personally and via a range of professionals – and we aim to work progressively in true partnership to develop the best possible outcomes for the person. 

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Dementia care

Dementia care

Dementia affects people in different ways, depending on the type of dementia. Whether it is Alzheimer’s, dementia with Lewy bodies or vascular dementia, the impact can be physical, emotional and psychological, affecting the practicalities of everyday life for both the person living with the condition, and their family.

Our care & wellbeing teams are specifically trained in dementia care; however, expertise, continuous learning and confidence growth are our ongoing commitment.


Consistency of caring is a really important factor. 

To live a fulfilled live, everyone needs to be treated with respect and dignity, and have their privacy respected. People with dementia are no different. Our carers have the patience, skills, know-how & experience to provide consistency of care in changing circumstances and challenging environments. 

We all have a story, a past life, an array of experiences, but for those living with dementia, these can be difficult to recall and this can be traumatic for the individual.


Getting to know the ‘person’ is extremely important. Life story work and life books can be particularly helpful and grounding.


Dementia is caused by damage to the brain. It usually affects the brain cortex (the ‘thinking bit’). Damage increases over time, which makes the symptoms worsen – but every person is different, and symptoms will progress at a different rate for each individual affected. 

Typically, symptoms include memory problems, communication difficulties, and difficulty carrying out everyday activities.

We work closely with other agencies to ensure we continue to provide the best possible care & supports – with consistency, sensitivity and gentleness. 

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Learning disabilty care

Learning disability care

Our home care and respite care services are tailor made to sharing mutual respect with people with learning disabilities, by supporting growth, confidence and independence.

Learning disabilities vary considerably from one person to another and may be mild, moderate or more complex. Learning disabilities may also be associated with physical or emotional issues. They can have an impact on relationships, behaviours, communication, education and social skills. Our highly trained carers are committed to providing person-centred support that focuses on skills, abilities and wellbeing, and enables you or your loved one to live an active & fulfilled life.

We can provide daily visits, live-in care or respite care - our care staff concentrate on the person’s strengths and desired outcomes. 

Our approach places you in charge of decisions – we want to support you to be as independent as possible, using a combination of coaching, encouragement and supportive techniques.

We have a fantastic track record of supporting learning disabled people in Jersey.

We can help people reach their goals whilst also promoting their greater independence.

From monetary budgeting, travel training and supporting individuals to find work or volunteering opportunities in their communities, we help build confidence and skills so people can live safely with as little support as possible. 

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Short term care, rehabilitation & reablement

Short term care, rehabilitation & reablement

We can provide goal oriented short term or reablement care. Reablement is specific type of rehabilitative care that may be necessary after a hospital stay, accident or illness to enable you to become independent again. 

This might also be referred to post-operative or post-surgical care, but ultimately reablement care is specifically aimed at people who will regain their independence after a defined short-term period of time.

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Convalescnce and recovery

Convalescence and recovery 

Convalescent care is available for those recovering from surgery, illness or injury. Patients are encouraged to work towards independence as quickly as possible, and this is where convalescent care can provide an effective bridge.

With trained carers on hand, we can arrange medium to longer-term rehabilitation to assist your return to full health.

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Condition led care

Condition led care

Many medical conditions acquired particularly as we get older can require specialist help. Our condition-led care & support services are personal and flexible. We can provide the exact care you are looking for, at the times you need it, for however long you may need it. 

Day or night, we are there to be relied upon. There is a wide range of care options to choose from, and we will work with you to tailor a plan to suit you. 

We have experience of meeting the needs of people with many health conditions – such as Parkinson’s disease, cancer, head-injuries and beyond. 

Our person-centred, client focused ethos and commitment remains at the forefront of our delivery. 

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Intensive care & flexible support

Intensive care & flexible support 

We can provide intensive supports to individuals depending on need, these can include 1:1 or even 2:1 care, and we can provide around the clock services, or just set up care to meet needs at specific times of day or night. 

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Overnight care

Overnight care

We recognise that care needs don’t just stop at the end of the working day.

Overnight care gives you access to trained professionals throughout the night to support even the most complex of needs.

Our carers can provide overnight care so you or your loved one can rest comfortably through the night. 

You also may find you need night-time care if you or someone close to you feels uncomfortable being left alone.

One-to-one nightly care from one of our trained carers means someone is there to assist with support and care needs; toilet breaks, administering medication or repositioning in bed.

As well as waking carers – we also offer a sleep-in service, where our carers can provide additional safety and reassurance. 

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Palliative care

Palliative care

Being able access to palliative care at home, is a real and reassuring choice for many people.  Many people want to stay in their own home environment, the very place where they feel most comfortable.  We work closely with colleagues from Jersey Hospice, Family Nursing & Home Care, and General Practitioners to ensure we provide a coordinated & holistic response.

Palliative care at home can involve:
  • Personal care and assisted living at home

  • Companionship and assurance 

  • Continence care, and preventative skin care

  • Medication support including prompts or administering medication, and more complex prescriptions

  • Support with pain management

  • Help moving around the home, whether it is gentle support or hoisted transfers

  • Housekeeping duties - keeping a clean home environment

  • Laundry, errands and shopping 

  • Preparing meals to your tastes

  • Caring for your pet including feeding and walking

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