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Diana June 2021  

“I am forever indebted to the amazing Tutela team. After long-term hospitalisation and when all other avenues seemed to have been exhausted for my brother's complex needs and challenging behaviours along came this agency who knew exactly how to manage and care for him.  An inspiring 'client-led' diligent approach giving him choices within safe boundaries and building trust day by day. They slowly unravelled the ingrained rituals and habits that he had adopted from existing in a closed environment and unlocked his potential to re-discover himself and the world around him, enabling the attainment of a wonderful quality of life.  He not only feels safe but is flourishing within his Tutela family bubble. I cannot thank them enough.”

Mrs B July 2021

“I have received outreach support for my son L (21) for the last 2 years with Tutela. Tutela have fantastic organization and communication skills, and have always tried their best to help & support my son when needed. There are generally the same 2 or 3 staff members that work with L in the week, which brings continuity as we both then know who will be working with him and that for me brings peace of mind as the staff build up a good relationship with him and get to know his needs well.”

T – July 2021

“We would be completely lost without Tutela.  They provide essential support to our daughter 6 days a week, ensuring that she is safe and well cared for, enabling us to continue working and living our lives as normal.  They are flexible, the staff genuinely care about my daughter’s welfare and happiness, and they always go the extra mile without hesitation.  I cannot recommend Tutela enough.” Jane July 2021

“I was very nervous at first because I had never had support workers that concentrated on me, my health and my well-being. I have a great team of support workers, since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder they help me open up - even when I am feeling low or having intrusive thoughts. My support workers have been extremely helpful with going to see my psychiatrist and attending all other appointments with me when I ask them.  I now look forward to my future, knowing my support team has my back. I know they will help me to the best of their ability, and with their help I can be the best I can”. 

M – July 2021

“In working with the Tutela team I know that individuals are well supported. Tutela will listen to individuals and try to support them with what they want. Tutela are flexible in their approach to support and are always keen to assist,” Government of Jersey – Nurse Specialist – July 2021 

"Brilliant and hard-working support staff, they are very friendly & approachable, we work as a team. They have helped me regain my independence and confidence"

B – July 21 

“I like my staff team - they take me out, I wouldn't be able to go otherwise. They make me happy and its great they are helping me learn to cook.”

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